International Wedding Photographers + Popcorn Photography + Tegan and Josh Sneak Peek

Yes, yes, I know I say I love all our weddings and brides, and it's true. We are so fortunate at Popcorn Photography that all the lovely and gorgeous people flock to us, we really are...enter Tegan and Josh. I'm at the stage now, where as soon as I mention them, I have an internal excited squeal and my heartstrings are pulled.

This couple, right from the start were a dream in every way. The sweetest personalities combined with raw emotion, intense love and flipping fabulous to photograph. Tegan is just exquisite and I could photograph her every day of the week. Nothing was an effort and they basically gave us free reign to do as we wished.

We had a ball with both of the car series, actually we had a ball all day. The minute they come together and connect, wow, do they connect! Love, passion, tenderness, they have it all and wrapped up in the cutest package. They are without doubt each others mirror reflection and the truest of soul mates.

Rog, Joe & I couldn't have asked for a better day and here are some more details about this funkalicious wedding. Both Tegan and Josh chose to get ready at Harrigans

This was perfect as it's just a hop, skip and jump to Peppers Creek, where they held their Ceremony and Reception. They didn't however travel around by hopping, skipping and jumping, but via  30's and 70's Ford's.  The awesome and best DJ around XYDJ provided the beats for the evening who kept everyone kicking and the reception styling was DIY. The attention to detail was incredible as each guest had a personal message on their name cards and the centre pieces were also individual to each table.

Ok, I better stop and let you view the photos.

<3 Mere xx

P.S - This is what Tegan had to say:

"Rog and Mere, you are a dream. We just got our wedding photos and we are completely gaga. Not only did you photograph our favourite day, but you perfectly captured who we are as people, and who we are as husband and wife. This won't be the last time I praise you, thank you or rave about how great Popcorn Photography is. I can't help it :) thank you so much. xx" - Tegan


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