International Wedding Photographer + Popcorn Photography + Soph and Damo Sneak Peek

LOVE LOVE LOVE,  is really all I have to say about this wedding.  From the couple, to the gown, and the venue to the styling.....I loved them all! Soph and Damo are the sweetest people on earth, add to that, insanely fit, incredibly attractive and soooo in love.  Rog and I had the best day with them at their Wedding and we were treated like family. They are truly just extraordinary and we do hope they love these photos!

I met Sophie at Cabins in the Clouds at Vacy, where she ran out and gave a big welcome hug and megawatt smile.  I knew then that we were in for a fun filled, loved up day. Soph's custom Melanie Ford gown was to die for and once she was in it, wow, seriously wow. I couldn't wait to see Damo's face when he saw her for the first time and I wasn't disappointed. You could see his eyes water and heart melt when she walked down the flower lined aisle (Flowers by Lorey) at Tocal Homestead, towards him. According to Rog, Soph had the same reaction when she saw Damo standing at the end waiting to be her husband.

With the sun making a glorious appearance, we had a lovely time wandering around the property capturing some beautiful moments, before heading to the their reception, which was filled with so much love, tears and laughter.

It really was a spectacular day. To Soph and Damo, a massive thank you for choosing Popcorn Photography, we wish you both a lifetime of sunshine and smiles.

Love and squishy hugs

Mere xx


Beautiful email from Sophie...

It was literally love at first sight.

I had visited a bazillion websites in the attempt to find the perfect photographer to capture our special day.

Up to this point, every teeny tiny aspect of the wedding had been researched and scrutinised to within an inch of its’ life. It was fair to say I wasn’t going to pick any photography willy nilly! The moment I landed on Popcorn’s homepage and that sweet little tune came on, I knew I’d found the one! A few seconds and an excited phone call later, our wedding photography was booked!


Without a doubt, Rog and Mere were captains of my wedding dream team!

I cannot praise them enough for the guidance they provided in the lead up to the wedding.

Rog and Mere made suggestions that had never even crossed my mind and turned out to be crucial wedding day savers! I will be forever grateful!


On the wedding day Rog and Mere turned up early (of course) and from start to finish, photographed our wedding day with professionalism, efficiency, big smiles and lots of encouraging wow’s!

They have a way of making you feel so relaxed and beautiful. Nothing was forced; nothing was set up, and best of all, we had an absolute ball shooting our wedding photos.


The thing I noticed most of all was that throughout the night, I hardly noticed the cameras flashing.

Despite capturing every cheeky kiss, every giggle, every watering eye, I had completely forgotten Rog and Mere were there.

It was great to be able to enjoy every minute of the day without feeling like a had to share my personal space with a  camera lens!


I don’t need to describe how breath taking our wedding photos are – you can look for yourself, but I can tell you that every time I browse our photos I get goosebumps, my eyes well up with happy tears and I feel like I’m reliving the best day of my life.


Thanks to Rog and Mere, so much love, so much emotion and every little detail has been captured for eternity…. And I will rave about Popcorn Photography for just as long.


Love Sophie McIntosh

April 12th 2014



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