Wedding Photography, Meetings and too long between Blogs.

It’s been too long between blogs. So, I thought I would give you an update on all things Popcorn. I am currently tied to my trusty laptop and graphics tablet, post processing three Weddings, which will jump to five after next weekend. This weather has made my fingers frozen - have you noticed that spending hours on your computer renders your fingers numb and your nose? Very bizarre! If I was one of these very talented people that could knit, I would knit a nose beanie, what a great invention and I’m sure it would become the latest trend! Anyway, enough whining. Weddings, oh how I love Wedding Photography. It’s so heartwarming being surrounded by such powerful love and devotion. Processing so many photos has really started to make me think how we at Popcorn are different to many other Photographers.

Rog and I have met with about eight couples this last week looking for a Photographer for their Wedding. Some of the stories we have been told about their meetings with other Photographers is amazing to us. Hearing that some Photographers will only give you Lo-Res photos or 6 x 4 photos on your disc, with rules about what you can and can’t do with them really saddens me.

My thought is this – you are hiring us to photograph your wedding, if your package includes a disc of images, and just about all do, we give you the High Resolution images. They are yours to do with as you please. Blow them up to the size of your lounge room wall, print and give copies to your friends, do whatever you would like. The only part of Copyright that we stipulate is that you can’t say Brother Jim took the Photos instead of us and you can’t on-sell them. That’s it, go your hardest at making copies, submitting to your local paper or making calendars with them.

We keep things as simple as possible and are very relaxed. Organising Weddings and life in general can get crazy, so if we can make the process of your Wedding Photography easy and straightforward, we all benefit. We also keep backups of everything, backups of backups, so if anything happens or you would like to order Albums, Books, Enlargements years down the track, you can. We are all on a budget and know that getting married is a major investment, so I would prefer to see you have us Photograph your Wedding and be joyous about it rather than stress and panic about not being able to afford your Album straight away.

The next factor that makes us different is about your proof images. When you receive them, they are not just cropped with the saturation and contrast tweaked like many other Photographers, they are fully processed in a chocolate box of styles and treatments so you can ohhh and ahhhh immediately. They are 70-80% finished. The other 20-30% I do after you have selected your favourites. By favouites I don’t mean five, I mean if your package is for 250 photos and we give you 450 proofs, I finalise your favourite 250. This might mean removing flies, stray hairs, dandruff etc which is the fiddly stuff. The overall look and feel is done immediately and of course if you would prefer a photo to be processed in a different way, I will do it as we all have different styles and tastes. As I said, our job is to make your life simple when it comes to your Wedding Photography.

It’s all about the KISS method, which brings me to our new packages, aptly named “The KISS Series”. You pick your coverage and receive a DVD of High Resolution images and low resolution images which are web ready for Facebook or anywhere else. The rest is a tick box of optional enhancements and if you book and pay your deposit within 7 days of enquiring, everyone in the Bridal Party will receive a free 12 x 8 enlargement from your Wedding as a thank you gift from us.

Next on our update is meeting with Cypress Lakes and the lovely Jaime. If you haven’t already picked your venue, then please give Jaime a call as Cypress Lakes have undergone some changes and is a sensational venue for Weddings. They have many beautiful locations for your Ceremony and Function rooms galore for your Reception. We will be working with them on Weddings and Open Days along with Kellie from Affections Wedding and Event Hire, so all your needs will be catered for in one venue. From fantastic accommodation, luxuriating in the Spa, a game of golf and an exquisite Wedding.

We have also met with Phoebe from The Vintage and are on their Preferred Suppliers List. The Vintage has also undergone some great changes and their new Chapel (The Carriage House)is simply beautiful. It’s Sandstone and Timber with a lovely atmosphere and would be perfect for your Ceremony. If a Chapel is not your thing then they have also built an adorable white Gazebo (The Summerhouse) on the grounds. There is also a new Function Room(The Founders Room) under way , this combined with their other rooms will cater for all group sizes. Kellie from Affections is also working with The Vintage and her work is simply the Best. From chair covers, sashes, Centerpieces to dreamy drapery with fairy lights, Kellie truly is the best in the business.

I think that’s it for the moment, take care and remember KISS


This gorgeous Pano was taken by Rog of Lloyd & Eleanor on the night of their Wedding at the Cliffhanger Bulli. We don't charge for these either, If Rog see's the shot, you will get it!