Warning Warning, Danger Will Robinson

Over the past few weeks we have had some some real 'horror' stories relayed to us about some other Photographers and as these Photographers are some of our peers/competitors we will not name names. Hearing these stories make us angry and also sad for these Couples......here are the top 6 nightmares that could have been avoided.

  1. The client (of another photographer) who had to cut short their honeymoon in order to be able to pay for the wedding album, they were contacted on their honeymoon with the news that their album was now going to cost $6,000 ($4,000 over their quote),
  2. The client (of another photographer) who could not receive their DVD for two years and if they wanted any images of their wedding they had to purchase them as prints
  3. The client (of another photographer) who received the DVD with 2,000+ photos on it - straight off the camera - out of focus, flash misfires etc
  4. The client (of another photographer) who received an extra bill a week before the wedding as the photographer's prices had changed.
  5. The client (of another photographer) who never received half of their photos as the photographer lost a memory card.
  6. The client (of another photographer) who lost their DVD and could not get a replacement as the photographer only held backups for 6 months.

At Popcorn Photography we will never pull any of that "crap".

1. Album prices are set in stone and listed on the package builder and your contract if you choose to include one.

2. Once your order is ready, DVD, Books, Albums etc (generally 6-8 weeks) you can do with your photos whatever you wish

3. All photos are polished to exhibition quality.

4. Once you book us and pay your deposit, prices will not change.

5. Two Photographers, 6 memory cards each and all are neatly organised and locked down.

6. Each wedding has 3 backups, with one being off-site and that is on top of the working copy on our computers. Nothing gets deleted...Ever

So, when shopping around for your Photographer, please be warned and read the fine print of the contract "before" you sign it.