The Bridal Car was a Helicopter

We Photographed Debbie & Paul's Wedding at Hunter Valley Gardens recently and Rog was incredibly excited to hear that their Bridal car was a Helicopter, Piloted by Simon from “Slattery Helicopter Charter” – This man has skills like no other! Before the Ceremony, The Groom and Best Man decided to fly to Potters Brewery for a Beer and guess who was invited along to Photograph the fun, that’s right, Rog (grinning like a Cheshire cat)!

A little while later the Helicopter dropped the boys back at the Chapel at Hunter Valley Gardens for the main event, then flew to Harrigans, picked up the rest of the Bridal Party, their Parents and lastly the gorgeous Bride and her two Sons - Talk about arriving in style! They were then Piped into the Chapel by the magnificent Ian from “Dial A Piper” – Gosh I love a Scottish accent :)

The Ceremony was a tear jerker for me, so personal and just beautiful. Following the Ceremony, Simon flew the Bride and Groom to the Gardens for our Photos and the guests enjoyed a stroll through the Gardens also before being entertained by Ian with his Bag Pipes over drinks and canapés.

Here are a few photos of the day.


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