Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at Nobby’s Beach Newcastle

We had the pleasure of photographing Ray & Amanda yesterday for their pre-wedding photo’s. We decided to meet at the Bogey Hole thinking we would get some fun “action” shots,  but with the swell and giganta-waves (I can make words up) we decided that life really is for living and seeing as Ray & Amanda’s  Wedding is only 4 weeks away we had best find somewhere a little safer, so off to Nobby’s we went. Ray & Amanda are such an adorable couple and love to play. The minute we hit the sand we knew we had a fun loving couple on our hands, with each trying to drag the other into the water and then we did some splish splashing near the rocks before Ray piggy backed Amanda back to shore.

A short while later we strolled along the path towards the Lighthouse (I wish it wasn’t blocked off) where Rog & I captured their cute, cheeky interaction and sweet kisses before saying our goodbyes.

We can’t wait to photograph their Wedding and are already planning on continuing the fun....but until then, here is a small selection from yesterday, for you viewing pleasure.