Popcorn Photography + Johnny & Kate Sneak Peek

This was the Wedding that brought me unstuck and gave me the realisation that I should never shoot a family members Wedding! You see, Johnny is my Nephew (for those of you that didn't see their Pre-Shoot photos) and God Son, I love him and his gorgeous big eyes to bits. April 21 was the day he married his childhood sweetheart Kate. Laura (my Daughter/talented Photographer) and I started with the girls, I will mention here that my beautiful Niece Ally was Kate's MOH. Naturally when I saw Ally and Kate all dressed and ready, my chin had a wobble, however I quickly tamed it and chastised myself for not being professional (in my head of course, not out loud).

Once we left the girls, we made our way to Johnny and the boys. Upon seeing him standing on the Verandah all dressed, looking ever so handsome and grown up, my eyes must have caught the sun, because they started to glisten, another quick word to myself and I was able to forge ahead and play "guess the pictures on the cufflinks" while photographing them. Yep, guessed Ford immediately, I'm brilliant, the second set...Ohh goodie it's the stick shift gears (I'm on a roll, realising we have a car theme happening), third, aha a steering wheel and lucky last...ummm what the, what part of a car is that? I had no freaking idea, maybe it's a hood ornament from a vintage car, or some part of a motor. I looked at it from every angle and came up with...zip.  Apparently, it's a Sci-Fi symbol, as in Science Fiction, as in I have zero knowledge of this genre, less than zero even. But, to put you out of your misery, it's either Star Trek, Star Wars, Thunderbirds, Flight of the Conchords, Marvin the Martian or Captain Crunch.

Moving right along, hey no tears, off to the Church. I first laid eyes on Joe, my favourite Son. I know you shouldn't have favourites, but I do, Laura is my favourite Daughter also. Seeing Joe with his shirt tucked in, was enough to make me teary, adding to that a tie and waistcoat, well It was a beautiful moment. Once I saw the rest of my family plus my Uncle and Aunty, who I haven't seen in a very long time, I started to well up...argh, I need to keep it together, seriously, what was wrong with me. Johnny and his Groomsmen arrived, holy cow, it's nearly time, more tears, tissues, tissues, not a tissue in sight, I'm far too old , female professional to use my sleeve, ohhh next best thing, a lens cleaning cloth, mmm that feels nice and silky, right, eyes mopped, nose wiped (note to self, do not clean lens).

Away we went and the Ceremony began, Johnny teared up as soon as he saw Kate, I teared up as soon as I saw Johnny....Ohhh C'mon woman, this is ridiculous! I am a strong, independent, professional Photographer that shoots up to 3 Weddings every weekend. Hey, light bulb moment, great idea, I heard the words "don't make eye contact" ring in my head, brilliant, lets try that, it works, I stare at the floor and the tears stop....I am so clever, wait, no I'm not, what sort of a photographer doesn't use their eyes...hehe, ahah, I start to giggle at myself, hahaha, oops, that one came out. Laura looks at me like I'm having a nervous breakdown and I slowly retain my composure.

Ceremony over and off to location for some fun in the sun....literally. The light was perfect and we were able to capture magic -  As the last of the rays slipped below the horizon, we decided to have a little illegal, cheeky fun with the cars , however I loved every second of it I do not condone this type of hoodlum behaviour at all.

Johnny and Kate held their Reception at Monte Pio, Maitland, before heading off the following morning to Sunny QLD for their honeymoon.

I would like to say a huge thank you to David, for his hard work. Fletch, for being an awesome Assistant, Laura for being an awesome Photographer, Joe for being an awesome Son and Toni for making me laugh.

Enjoy the Sneak Peek

Big Love and Hugs

Mere xx









(Above) Hmmm see if you can guess?











(Above) This was the moment Laura and Fletch walked off into the sunset to my shrills of "Excuse me Laura, we're not finished....come back, Laura, oi, you'll get hit by a miniature train if you're not careful"









(Above) Being the gear head that I am, I said " Johnny, can we put Kate in the back seat hanging out the window, while you drive and do that thing that makes the smoke come out"? I later remembered that it's cooler to say "Smokin' it up", but was then told by Joe (My Son) that I'm just embarrassing, because it's called a "foot on".



(Above) Joe, never tell your Mother that she's embarrassing because she will keep taking photos of you and put them online.


(Above) like this one at the top where you are dancing with your Aunty.