Popcorn Photography + Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer + Sneak Peek + Natalie and Peter

One of the happiest couples I have ever photographed! Nat and Pete were an absolute joy, it is so clear how much they adore each other and their wedding day was so much fun for everyone that was a part of it. Nat and Pete married in Autumn this year at Wandin Valley Estate. The weather was perfect and we got that gorgeous golden afternoon sunlight that we love so so so very much.

Rog, Mere and I all captured the day together and it was such a privilege being there. Nat was laughing and smiling all day, she has such a kind heart and Pete is such a perfect match for her!

Thank you so very much for choosing Popcorn Photography to capture your day, we loved every second of it.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Big smiles & cuddles, Laura xx

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