Popcorn Photography + Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer + Ella and Johnny Sneak Peek

Ella and Johnny are the most incredible couple! So sweet, caring and passionate about so many things - but especially each other. (Not to sound too cheesy) The lovely couple married at Roberts and held their reception at Ella's parents gorgeous property, where they had custom made an incredible reception area which sat perfectly on top of a pond - you can just imagine how romantic it was all lit with candles!

We felt so privileged to be a part of Ella and Johnny's special day, every detail was magnificent. Johnny's family are from Indonesia - so throughout the day there were beautiful elements of his culture embedded in multiple ways, such as speeches and a traditional tea ceremony. It made the day so personal for them, and it was so touching for their guests and everyone who was a part of their day.

It is so clear how in love the newlyweds are, we had such a great day photographing them and their wonderful bridal party.

Thank you so much for choosing Popcorn Photography Ella and Johnny, we love you and we hope you love this Sneak Peek! Enjoy!


Laura xx




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