Peonies Floral Designer + Popcorn Photography + Brooke & James

This Boy meets Girl shoot is very close to our heart. Rog & I were so incredibly honoured when Brooke from Peonies asked us to Photograph her Wedding (you all know Peonies, we brag about them constantly as they are THE best Floral and Wedding stylist in the Country I mean Australia, not the back paddock somewhere in woopdewoop) As Brooke is doing The Peonies Project which gives Bride's a behind the scenes look at her Wedding Plans with the help of her ridiculously talented Mother/Peonies Goddess,  Darlene -  we thought we would give you  a Behind the scenes look at the Boy meets Girl Photo Shoot.

We would love you to leave comments below (besides the gap in the audio...I know), as we are looking to offer this service to our stylish brides in the not too distant future.

Rog & I can't express how excited we are to show you this video, which is nothing compared to how excited we are to photograph "The" Wedding of the Season in Brisbane early next year.

For your viewing pleasure - Don't forget to let it fully buffer first.

Squishy hugs & kisses to all

Mere xx