NSW Wedding Photographer + Popcorn Photography + Stu & Kirsty Boy meets Girl

Rog & I met up with Stu & Kirsty at Caves Beach for their Boy meet's Girl shoot. We were fortunate with the weather and it was glorious to let the afternoon rays warm our skin. while the love this pair felt for each other warmed our hearts. I love the textures to be found at the beach, not to mention the colours and frothy water. There was a shot I wanted as the afternoon progressed and tip toed into the chilly water determined to get it. Clearly stupid moronic daft dedicated and focusing on my shot, I was oblivious to the fact that waves occur at the beach and what should happen a half  a second later to remind me....splish splash splosh, 1  wet, salty & very refreshed Photographer. You can check out the photo below.

The happy Couple will be married at the end of September at Peppers Convent and hold their reception at Margan, so stay tuned.

Squishy hugs

Mere x


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