Newcastle Wedding Photographer + Popcorn Photography + Sugar Rush Grand Opening

OMG, yes I know that’s not the best way to start a blog entry, but seriously, Holy Ghost! Rog was lucky enough to have some time on his hands yesterday and decided to pop down to the World’s best Wedding Cake/Celebration Cake/Cookie/Dessert/Treat/ Everything Sweet Designer & Maker’s (that’s probably not their exact title, but it really should be!) Grand Opening of their new “Sugar Rush” store at Mount Hutton.

Vanessa & John worked their magic & had all their heavenly delights for tasting, now this is where my initial OMG & Holy Ghost come into play – Rog returned with a goodie bag filled with the most delicious macaroons, marshmallow, mini cupcakes & coconut ice the Universe has ever blessed me with (yes, I am aware that it wasn’t the Universe that blessed me with these delights, it was John & Vanessa with a very thoughtful Rog as Courier....but still)

Miss L (My 17 year old) & I then spent the most magnificent two hours of our life working through each and every morsel of sugary goodness while licking our lips and grinning from ear to ear with sheer pleasure!

Now, I can proudly say that I’m quite the expert on anything and everything sweet tasting, I have in my 39 years devoured many a sweet treat and when I say many, I mean truck loads. This is where I can say, hand on heart, that Sugar Rush are The World’s Best at what they do and the ONLY Supplier that I will ever recommend for Cakes & Goodies.

Finally, to address any cynics out there that may think We (Popcorn Photography) have been paid or are getting a kickback in any way from Sugar Rush for writing this, I can say No and we NEVER will. The Suppliers that we recommend are simply the best in the business and that’s all there is to it.

Please visit to find out how John & Vanessa can assist you with your Celebration.

Actually, this is finally, to get your taste buds drooling, here are some photos that Rog took yesterday of some of the many “yummies” that were on offer.

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