Trash the dress with Jessica + Craig

Late this afternoon I had a play date with Jessica and Craig at Newcastle. It was their Pre Wedding shoot and Jessica had decided she wanted it to be a TTD (trash the dress). Great idea except the cheeky monkey decided not to tell Craig what the shoot was about. Jessica and I knew exactly what was to happen (surf, sand, crashing waves, rocks) therefore the first 20 minutes Craig was having conniptions as the penny dropped and I continued to waffle on about generating heat and passion “It’s about pure sex”  I say! Craig was a trooper though and settled into the shoot in no time at all. Jess was brilliant right from the start and looked sensational in her dress. She was up for anything and her bright, bubbly personality was contagious. We played on the rocks for a while before heading to the sand where they rolled around until they were pummelled by a wave (which was hysterical).

We decided to end our time together with a little fun at the baths as the last ray of light disappeared below the horizon. It was a wonderful shoot where fun comes together with great weather and lovely people.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the session