Newcastle Wedding Photographer + Boy Meets Girl + Vanessa & Cameron

Redhead Beach, seriously people, why didn't any of you tell me it was so fabulous? I hadn't been there since I was a child, so it wasn't until we met Vanessa and Cameron there for their Boy Meets Girl shoot that I was jolted back into fabulousness (Alex Perry would approve of the word, I’m sure).

Now, before I continue with Vanessa and Cameron, I have to get something off my chest and before you send me hate mail because I have offended you, I apologise in advance, I just want to make the world a better , more stylish place (that was tongue in cheek, the next part is not).

I know gazillions of Brides embrace the idea of having their Wedding photos taken at the beach, and why not, we do have stunning beaches. However, I would love to ask you to consider the overall style of your Wedding before you pick the beach as your chosen location.

Beaches, suit summery, flowy, light and breezy, relaxed, pretty, neutral, blues, beachy colours. Think summer, watermelon, weis ice cream bars, think seafood and champagne or an icy cold Corona. Think more deconstructed, feminine and pretty (yes I know I’ve already said pretty, but it’s worth saying it twice).

It always and I do mean always, looks awkward and dare I say a little tacky, when a Bridal Party hits the beach in their long formal gowns, heels (yes I did say heels), men in their 3 piece suits, with jackets done up and shoes (yep, men wear shoes on the beach too). Ladies with serious updo’s, veils, long brightly coloured talons and matching makeup, with bling that would put Diddy to shame.

Why have I chosen now to purge about this style faux pas? Well, the day we were at Redhead, there were 3 separate Bridal Party’s getting these shots and it rendered me a little queasy. The 1st lot in red, the 2nd in purple and the 3rd in hot pink. All getting the same types of photographs “stand in a line and smile at the camera) and all wearing shoes looking completely uncomfortable and freaking out when the wind moved their hair....agh, the horror of it all, it’s the beach people, the wind will move your hair and if you do only one thing different, at least take your damn shoes off!

Right, Sermon over, go in peace style.

Back to Vanessa and Cameron, once I recovered from my nausea (oops, I couldn’t help it, sorry, I know I said the Sermon was over...I’ll behave).

Wine and nibbles, snuggles and cuddles, laughter and love were the ingredients of the afternoon and what a great time we had. Speaking of laughter, Vanessa has the best laugh on earth, I just wish I had recorded it for you because it is so infectious and it would have been a lovely way to end the blog.

Until next time, give each other a hug for me

Mere xx