International Wedding Photographer + Popcorn Photography + Meg & Bosco Sneak Peek

Where do I start... On the 31st May, Leighsa & I ventured out to the Crowne Plaza and met up with two of my favourite peeps, the beautiful Meg and the dashing Bosco. You may remember them chasing cows at their Boy meets Girl and the look that they give each other... Wow!!

Luckily Bosco made it to the church on time (The Carriage House at Chateau Elan no less).

From Meg after seeing all the photos - "I am absolutely blown away by the incredible photos taken by Popcorn Photography. Rog you are an absolute gem and incredibly talented. Thank you so much for being apart of our day and capturing the most intimate and beautiful moments between myself & Bosco, all our friends and family. We love you and know you will be apart of our lives forever xx"

Thank you for being sooo photogenic and for choosing us.

Rog xx

Meg_Bosco C002 Meg_Bosco C006 Meg_Bosco C010 Meg_Bosco C012 Meg_Bosco C015 Meg_Bosco C023 Meg_Bosco C032 Meg_Bosco C053 Meg_Bosco C076 Meg_Bosco C092 Meg_Bosco C095 Meg_Bosco C110 Meg_Bosco C112 Meg_Bosco C113 Meg_Bosco C114 Meg_Bosco C118 Meg_Bosco C120 Meg_Bosco C134 Meg_Bosco C156 Meg_Bosco C161 Meg_Bosco C166 Meg_Bosco C177 Meg_Bosco C193 Meg_Bosco C200 Meg_Bosco C208 Meg_Bosco C209 Meg_Bosco C219 Meg_Bosco C227 Meg_Bosco C232 Meg_Bosco C243 Meg_Bosco C279 Meg_Bosco C281 Meg_Bosco C375 Meg_Bosco C384 Meg_Bosco C388 Meg_Bosco C391 Meg_Bosco C396 Meg_Bosco C416 Meg_Bosco C423 Meg_Bosco C427 Meg_Bosco C430 Meg_Bosco C445 Meg_Bosco C446 Meg_Bosco C452 Meg_Bosco C453 Meg_Bosco C454 Meg_Bosco C482 Meg_Bosco C484 Meg_Bosco C491 Meg_Bosco C492 Meg_Bosco C504 Meg_Bosco C513 Meg_Bosco C519 Meg_Bosco C521 Meg_Bosco C523 Meg_Bosco C536 Meg_Bosco C544 Meg_Bosco C607 Meg_Bosco C612 Meg_Bosco C629 Meg_Bosco C630 Meg_Bosco C636 Meg_Bosco C657 Meg_Bosco C664 Meg_Bosco C672 Meg_Bosco C682 Meg_Bosco C722 Meg_Bosco C764 Meg_Bosco C770 Meg_Bosco C772 Meg_Bosco C773 Meg_Bosco C776 Meg_Bosco C785 Meg_Bosco C788 Meg_Bosco C789 Meg_Bosco C808 Meg_Bosco C809 Meg_Bosco C838 Meg_Bosco C840 Meg_Bosco C848 Meg_Bosco C852