Hunter Valley Wedding Photographers + Popcorn Photography + Alex and Steve + Sneak Peek

I had the most difficult time choosing images from this Wedding, Alex and Steve are an  extremely photogenic couple and every image of the day was simply stunning - get ready for an extremely EPIC Sneak Peek! The beautiful Bride and Groom married at Chateau Elan, The Vintage on the 26th January 2013 and Mere, Rog and Matt were there to capture all of the incredible moments on the day.

Alex sent us a little story about her magnificent dress before her wedding:

"My wedding dress was designed so that it could photograph really well in all different positions (lots of layers and movement - very swan lake tutu style). It was made by Oscar De La Renta for the female lead in Harry Potter (Emma Watson) to wear to the Oscars and she spent a lot of time 'pretending' to fix her shoes and posing in different positions. The brand have since made a wedding dress version which I've been so fortunate to get, so I'm sure we will have lots of fun playing with it!"

It was absolutely beautiful, she chose her dress perfectly!

The day was magnificent - Our lovely friends at Peonies and Sugar Rush both did an incredible job of the flowers, styling and the cake!

The guests had so much fun playing the lawn games before the Reception, where Mere caught some excellent action shots.

During the Reception, Alex surprised Steve by singing 'La vie en rose', not only is she gorgeous - but so incredibly talented... we all had goosebumps!

Thank you again to the lovely Bride and Groom for choosing Popcorn Photography to capture their magical day!

Hugs, Laura xx

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