Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer + Peppers Creek Wedding + Maria & Gabriel

  Ok Wedding lovers, this one is to die for and it's huge! Maria and Gabriel's Wedding at Peppers Creek (Pokolbin) on the 9th August was beyond adorable.

They are madly in love, super cute and fun with a capital F. My first "nawwww" came out when I was capturing Maria getting ready. As there was no Bridal Party, they both got ready at the 2 story Racquet Club on site at Peppers Creek. Maria upstairs, Gabriel down…and what did he do that was so cute - he sent her an apple in case she was hungry, I know right "nawwww" Such a simple gesture that was incredibly thoughtful and sweet.

They are both so photogenic and the camera LOVES them! My time with Maria was heaven as she transformed into a blushing bride, while Rog captured Gabriel transforming into a dapper Groom. Maria looked incredible in her lace dress and carried a stunning bouquet by none other than our friends at Peonies. Peonies also styled the barrel room at Peppers Creek and I'm sure you will agree looked amazing!

Their Ceremony was filled with laughter and tears, but the "holy smoke" happened on location. Complete with lomo cameras, the bride & groom shot their own fun memories before engaging in a  seriously competitive turnip wars tournament. Rog & I could barely contain our laughter, who am I kidding, Rog & I didn't contain our laughter at all, it was just hysterically random and we had a ball!

From the vineyards, we drove to my favourite secret location, where we fell in love all over again with their adorable interaction. Gabriel trotted off to find some pretty wildflowers for Maria and the photos were exquisite (if I do say so myself). This folks, is another reason why you should hire the BEST Hunter Valley Wedding Photographers, ummm which is us of course ;) Seriously, your Photographer needs to know the area and the light. I can't get enough of these photos and Maria & Gabriel made our day an absolute pleasure.

Back at the barrel room for the reception and the ambiance ensured a wonderful evening was had by all. From the styling to the band, this Wedding was one of my all time faves.

To our newlyweds, thank you for choosing Popcorn Photography to capture your precious memories and we wish you a lifetime of love and giggles.

Mere x

Maria reviewed Team Popcorn and this is what she had to say: Review From: Maria T. Score: 5/5 Comments:"They were great, the quality of the photos can't be matched. They know the Hunter area so well and know how to get great moments for the camera. Great photographers!"


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