Paul + Lisa Pre Shoot

Rog & I had a little drive in the Country yesterday to photograph Paul & Lisa for their Pre-Wedding Shoot. We had been looking forward to this one for months as we wanted to do a romantic Country shoot with horses, in long grass and a magic sunset. Unfortunately the magic sunset didn’t happen, but honestly, it was everything we had imagined and more. Their horses were beautiful and I’m sure very spoilt as they behaved perfectly and even gave kisses. Rog & I layed on the grass and suggested that Paul and Lisa go for a ride and play with each other while we clicked away. We then got them to pick up the pace a little  and trot by us, getting closer and closer . It was great fun and these lovely horses didn’t fear us once! After we finished horsing around (did you get it, it was pretty funny – horsing around) yeah ok, moving right along......

Paul & Lisa climbed up on the stock yard fence and let loose with some good ol’ Country kissin’ (Ok, now I have a twang and why is Slim Dusty singing in my head?) which then turned into some serious canoodling as we moved up to the veranda of the old homestead.

After they had burned off their energy, the only thing left was to hit the hay (man I’m on fire) well the paddock anyway. Saddle, hat, dog and a bottle of Jack.....what more could these lovebirds ask for, Oh that’s right, their photos and here are some of my favourites.