Hunter Valley Photographer + Popcorn Photography + Lakin, Mel and Otis

......And baby makes three! With what seemed to be the longest 9 months ever, baby Otis finally arrived and joined his gorgeous Mummas in February.

Mere and I made a special trip to meet the brand new little man in his first week and naturally we brought our cameras. Now, we knew he would be cute, but seriously, he is freaking adorable!

Otis obviously felt very comfortable around us as I almost wore some pretty spectacular projectile bodily fluids!

We were even lucky enough to be there when his umbilical cord completely fell off, which was such a special moment in itself.

The love shared between the three is simply incredible, just looking over the images Mere and I were getting a little teary as their bond is so strong. Otis is a very lucky boy indeed and Mere & I kinda' wish we could join their little loved up family too!

When Australia finally get their act together, we are looking forward to photograph their Wedding!

Love, Love, Love & hugs Laura xx

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