How much does it cost to photograph a Wedding?

The first thing many people ask for when they contact us is for our packages and pricelist. Sometimes, the price tag we put on our packages causes a bit of shock. We do understand we are not the perfect fit for everyone, and that is ok. Our feelings aren’t hurt. I decided to provide a breakdown of what goes into our costs though as I think it's really helpful to understand. Your wedding day will go by in a flash and when all is said and done; your memories will be all wrapped up in the photographs from your special day. Not only will you look at them with fondness over the years, but your family will also treasure them for generations.

Photographers are usually the only supplier that you work with after your wedding, so while it is easy to think that you’re hiring your photographer for a few hours on your wedding day, you’re not.

You’re actually paying for:

- Wedding day coverage

- Two photographers for your wedding day (Rog goes with the boys and I go with the girls for the preparations and then we come together and work like a well oiled machine)

- Backing up of files (in our case, at least four backups)

- Initial proofing of your photographs (between 900 – 3000 images)

- Post processing each selected image (between 20 mins and 6 hours per photograph)

- Proofing all edited images and creating your Proof catalogue and selection document

- Uploading photographs to your private gallery and creating your logins

- Backing up the final edited files

- Preparing an initial album/coffee table book layout and completing any modifications

- Album/coffee table book printing and binding (We use only the best quality and suppliers in Australia and U.S for your product)

- DVDs, DVD cases, Slideshows and so forth

- Preparation of files for printing

- Archival quality prints of your wedding images (We use a lab in Victoria and it is Australia’s best)

- Packaging and delivery of all products

- Anything else that a package might include

Then there are all the other things that go into running a business:

- Taxes

- Insurance

- Office Equipment

- Ongoing education courses throughout the year both locally and across the country with some of the best photographers out there

- Marketing, advertising, professional memberships, magazines, websites, research and a long list of similar tasks

- The expenses associated with a Pre-Wedding Shoot

And lastly,

CAMERA GEAR – Rog uses Canon and I use Nikon, we also use a Mamiya Medium Format besides our DSLR's. We have backup equipment, from camera bodies, to lenses, to flashes. We have a lot of gear because we want to capture the BEST photographs we possibly can, and we want to be prepared for any situation.

We know there are photographers out there that only charge $500 to $1000 to photograph your entire wedding day. What you receive from them in the end varies wildly. Some hand you the photos straight from their camera and you take them and print them yourself. Never mind if the colour is off, flies, dandruff, hair or anything else is present. There is no enhancement at all to the image files.

Others somehow manage to provide you with not only the photos on DVD, but an album, book, enlargements and the kitchen sink at that price. I don’t know how they do it, they must have a weekday job to pay the bills, because there is simply no way that I can crunch the numbers to make it work. Our albums alone cost more than that!

This means that the time they have to focus on you and your photographs is limited. The quality of products they give you is cheaper and not archival. They think that $1000 is great for 8 hours of time and they ignore everything else that goes into taking care of you. When we first started Popcorn Photography, the first thing Rog and I both agreed on was "quality over quantity" and we will never compromise on this. The second thing we agreed on was that we will never enter a bidding war to gain your business and undercut someone else. To be cheaper or the cheapest is not where we want to be, something has to be sacrificed and it will be quality. We have a very high work ethic and could never give you substandard service, images or product and we take pride in providing you with beautiful images and memories.

Please contact us for more details and to find out if we are available for your wedding day, as we take on a limited number of weddings each year (30). Prices and packages are subject to change throughout the year, and are normally modified quarterly. Reserving your date now will lock you in at our current rates. Bookings are currently being taken for 2011 and 2012, with only a few dates remaining for this year.


I took this photo of a Bride's bouquet. I love the rich colours and have now had this printed as a big poster.