Destination Wedding Photographer + Popcorn Photography + Boy meets Girl + Nora & Marlon

On the 14th June, I had the pleasure to meet up with Nora and Marlon. Their wedding is at the end of this month, so I thought I'd share their Boy meets Girl at Lindeman's Winery with you. See you both soon

Rog xx

Nora_Marlon E004 Nora_Marlon E008 Nora_Marlon E010 Nora_Marlon E011 Nora_Marlon E014 Nora_Marlon E017 Nora_Marlon E020 Nora_Marlon E021 Nora_Marlon E026 Nora_Marlon E028 Nora_Marlon E029 Nora_Marlon E032 Nora_Marlon E033 Nora_Marlon E037 Nora_Marlon E038 Nora_Marlon E039 Nora_Marlon E040