Boy meets Girl + Elizabeth & Linkon go Camel Riding

Argh...I so wish I could have gone to this one, but I was buried under 4800 photos from the day before. Still, I'm sure Rog tried to find me before he drove off into the sunset. Of course It would have been my ears playing tricks and not Rog squealing with delight (In a masculine way of course) as the tyres spun out of the drive way headed for Birubi Beach...hmmmm You see, We get super Excited when an opportunity presents itself to do something out of the ordinary, so when Elizabeth and Linkon decided to go Camel Riding for their Boy meets Girl Shoot, Rog & I gave each other that all too familiar competitive glance. Each determined to sabotage the other so we could do it alone and come home with the ever so mature "ner ner ner ner ner".

It really should have been me because I simply LOVE Camels -  their colour, their beautiful big eyes, their long lashes, their cute sniffy noses....just not their toes... Boom, I went there, c'mon, I just had to!

As much as it pains me to say, Rog did a fantastic job and the photos are brilliant.

Big Hugs and yours in sweet sweet revenge.

Mere xx