Australian Wedding Photographer + Popcorn Photography + Boy meets Girl + Phoebe & Levi

Meet Phoebe and Levi... These guy’s both have the most amazing eyes, and I'm sure you'll all agree. We met up a few weeks ago for their Boy meets Girl shoot and they brought their dog along too... All washed and clean for the shoot and what happened next was predictable... It's swim in the dam time Dad!!! It's always difficult to find new places to shoot in this area, and some people really don't like you on their property or worse, want you to pay for the privilege or are even just downright rude.

However, not at Ballabourneen!! These guy's are awesome, the minute I saw the property I knew I had to incorporate it into a shoot and when I popped in to ask permission, Kath and Natalie were both lovely and accommodating, (they have some amazing wines and olive oils there too, so please call in and see them). Thank you ladies, you made our time there a pleasure.

Thanks to Phoebe and Levi for being such superstars and Ballabourneen for being so helpful.

Rog xx

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