2010 Wedding Photography Trends

Today I thought I would talk a little about the Trends we have seen for 2010 in regards to all things "Wedding Photography". It's so hard to believe we are nearly 5 months into the year! The photo-journalistic (candid) approach to wedding photography is still the preferred style by many brides over the traditional posed shots. Wedding photo-journalism has been fashionable for the past decade and the idea behind it, is to capture the true essence of the day's events as they unfold. This helps tell the underlying story, emotion, romance, and behind the scene events of your wedding day without any interference or direction from us.

If you choose this journalistic style and are hard core about it, the results will be a realistic and a true representation of the wedding day. But, and it’s a big one - If it doesn't happen naturally during the wedding it won't be recorded. So, at Popcorn, we are more hybrid than hard core as we would hate for you to miss out on family and group shots. The combination works well as you are happy with the Photo-journalistic side and Mum, Dad, Grandma and the family are happy as they get to have their more traditional photos taken with you also.

When we go for the location shoot, the trend is very much “fashion and fantasy”. It’s inspired by high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire, GQ etc

Our goal here is to make you look your very best. Your romantic interplay is glamorised to its maximum and you as a couple can feel like wedding celebrities.

Whether it is wide sweeping landscapes or pure passion, attention to detail is required to achieve the perfect look. This approach requires a great deal of artistic talent behind the camera and also great computer image editing skill to produce a unique photo. Half the photo is made on the camera with the second half achieved though digital image editing and manipulation.

The two shots below I absolutely love and are taken from recent weddings.

If you would like us to help make your Wedding Day dreams come true, please book in now as we literally only have a handful of dates available for this year.